Nigel passed along the poster for the 2013 Men’s Knitting Retreat, August 29 – September 1, just south of the border, in Dumas Bay, Washington. I would put the whole poster here except….Blogger does not have a feature for adding a pdf file. Photos, yes. Videos, no prob. But a pdf, nope. So here is the link to the pretty poster  Please note that this is the 2013 retreat….even though the date at the bottom of the poster is 2012. 

The group attending includes both gay and straight knitters from the US and Canada – there are classes, tours,a movie night, and just sitting around knitting. The cost of $410US includes a small private room (just single beds available….the facility used to be a nunnery!), linens, all meals, 4 days & 3 nights, tours and classes, but does not include airfare, shuttles, etc. It’s a great opportunity to knit and crochet with a group of 40 or so men of all ages who are totally sympatico. There is a Ravelry group you can join – Men’s Knitting Retreats – with a very active thread on the upcoming 2013 retreat as well as the old thread on the 2012 retreat.

Any questions? Nigel is happy to tell you more if you email him: