Get ready to OOOHHH and AAAAHHH!

In the most recent Baby Surprise Jacket class, just ended this past Saturday, a few students made two jackets during the four classes. There must be a lot of babies outfitted by Powell River’s prolific BSJ knitters.

 The beauty of these jackets (aside from how beautiful they look when finished) is that there are so many variables….the same pattern using different yarns and needles makes a completely different jacket.  

This pattern is so precise and particular, it’s not an easy one to undertake.  Lynda (BSJ Specialist) helps you through the hard parts and the results are fantastic.  Right?!

A few of the student BSJs are missing, like Lorraine’s and Carola’s (two) jackets.  We will catch up with them later!

Next class starts on February 23rd, Saturday @ 1pm.