Conspiracy of Mothers

Young daughter
South of town
at knitting adept
Her mother so proud
“such tension, such skill”
…and then came the cloud
only mother could see
OMG! the yarn not enough
to complete the fine sweater…
her mother did speed
to the wool store in haste
one purpose in mind
to secure one more ball
of light mauve soya/cotton
But!  Alas!! it’s all gone!
wholesaler sold out
what to do??  what to do??
pondered the mother and Roisin
much hand wringing ensued
then Dianne happened by
‘Oh dear, what a dilemna, but
I can help your dear daughter,
with three balls of light mauve soya/cotton.”
Dianne sacrificed her sweater
to save the dear daughter ….
her project happily finished
without knowing its success
a result of three mothers