Hey everyone 😀
GBOW has some new Art this month! Check out this gorgeous table by Roger of Twig and Timber Designs! This piece is a one of a kind original design. It’s twenty years old. Well seasoned with a gorgeous patina that only years of oil and love can produce. Quintessential west coast wood working with love and attention to every detail. Roger was reluctant to part with this beauty but I talked him into letting us put it in the store for sale for a little while. It’s a personal favorite of his. I don’t think he really wants to sell it. 😉 I wouldn’t either. It’s just lovely. This kind of furniture just gets more gorgeous with age. The more you touch it. The more you oil it. The softer, silkier and more lustrous the patina becomes. It’s west coast wood furniture at it’s finest. I think that any furniture lover world wide would take one look at this beauty and know it comes from the workshop of someone on the west coast of British Columbia Canada without even asking. To me it is a classic example of the unique style that BC is famous for.

 If you think the table is special then I have to show you this. It is made out of a yellow cedar birds eye burl. If you look closely you will see it is all covered in faces. You might have to come in and look at it in person to really see them. It is a difficult one to photograph effectively. It’s spectacular. I absolutely love it. The beach stones are all subtle colors and the tiles around the edge are blue and green mottled together. In between the stones is beach sand. Uniquely and beautifully West Coast Art.
 The following are two more of Rogers pieces. On the left is a little hanging carving that would be good inside or out in the garden. We have a few of these. Each one is completely unique. On the right is a beautiful shelf that hangs on the wall. I think it would be great with a hurricane oil lamp on it. In case of a power outage you are good to go! Candles would be nice too if you are uncomfortable with oil lamps. I know oil lamps scare some people. Or you could just put interesting seashore finds on it. The possibilities are endless. It has a tree carved into it that blends into the natural colors of the wood.
 We have some other new things as well. We have now got all natural handmade soaps by Ondine. They smell divine and make a great little addition to a gift or for a friend.  We also have some very pretty jewelry made by Belinda Fogarty. The copper disks in these earrings are hammered pennies! Cool huh? I love them. There are silver ones too.
Here is a close up of a bar of Peppermint soap so you can read the ingredients 😊

Well 😌 that’s about it for this week! I hope you will come by for a visit and see our beautiful shop in person. We have all kinds of knitted Art, Art and of course wool of all kinds. 
Have a great day!
Enjoy the sunshine!
And as ever
💖Happy Kitting💖