Look at this crazy cute lil guy! Crazy like a FOX! Do you wanna make a lil Foxy puppy? You can come in and make a lil Fox with Belinda on
 Febuary 23 10 am until Noon.
you can click the link above to go to the GBOW website and register or you can come in or call on the phone or email to get a spot. It might be a good idea to snap up your spot as the kitten class was full to capacity!!!

Here’s a peak at Ivan’s Salish Sea Sweater that he commissioned Roisin to make just for him. It has the Heiltsuk Eagle crest of his family on it and around the bottom are small Canoes. If you like this gorgeous creation and would like to learn Roisin’s technique you can sign up for her
Salish Sea Sweater Class starting February 15 1-3pm

Click on the link above to be taken directly to the GBOW website where you can sign up to take the class 😀

Look at Patti in her spectacular sweater coat complete with hood!!! Isn’t she gorgeous? This is knit out of one strand of Galway chunky %100 wool and one strand fine soft Chicpaca 71% superfine Alpaca, 25% Merino wool and 4% Nylon. I really love Patti’s work. She has an excellent sense of color and design. Her creations are always so beautiful and wearable. She is very creative in her choice of yarns don’t you think?

So today I thought I’d focus on some of the various Alpaca yarns we have here at the store. I also thought I would point out some of the little tucked away spots in the shop that people might not be quite aware of in their every day shopping. The first spot I would like to call your attention too is right as you walk in. It’s the rack in the picture below which stands just by the front door. This rack is still quite new. It has on it all sorts of specialty items. A lot of which happen to be Alpaca or Alpaca blends. Alpaca is super duper soft and luxurious. Perfect for scarves and cowls and anything that’s going to be snuggled right close to your face. Or if you want to make a luxurious gift for that person you know who is super sensitive to “scratchyness” 😂

All of the yarn in this little group of photo’s make up a selection representing just some of our different Alpaca yarns here at GBOW. The ones immediately to the left are baby Alpaca and are VERY soft. Super deluxe soft! However Alpaca with no wool blended into it can stretch so may not be right for everything. But never fear. We have BLENDS!!! So if you desire the softness of Alpaca but the “memory” or snap back “stretchyness” of wool we have got that too! We have all different kinds of blends to suit all different kinds of projects.

So one last little nook that I thought I’d call your attention too is this little spot back by the window… pictured below. There are all kinds of special yarns tucked away back here too. Some novelty yarns if you like the flashy stuff! Also some super gorgeous %100 wool too. Just all kinds of cool stuff…

There are a lot of really nice Boucle yarns, and all those sort of fluffy funky sort of unusual stuff that you might want for making shawls, poncho’s and sweaters. At least that is what jumps easily to mind but really the possibilities are endless. Below is a close up snap shot.
So that’s a little glimpse of our woolly world for you for today and a heads up as to whats happening around here for classes and what not. Feel free to come on down for a lil visit. Bring your knitting. Hang out!
until then…
💖Happy Knitting💖