I had a moment of insight about Elly’s ability to speed knit the other day as I read about a controversy regarding speeds posted for solving the New York Times crossword puzzles, and skepticism that anyone could solve that quickly. Some times seem impossible…a mere 2 to 3 minutes! I can’t even read the clues that fast! My times are usually ten times–at least–the fast solvers. However, I have watched a video of an elite solver and he reads and writes at the same time, and really can finish in amazingly fast times. So, my insight was that Elly is the equivalent of those elite crossword puzzle solvers. What takes me weeks and weeks, takes her mere days. And here is some proof! 

Elly’s cable extravaganza hat – beautiful shades, knit with Viking Odin, superwash heavy worsted and hugging Marlaine’s head very nicely.

Another of Elly’s cable-extravaganza hats – again using Viking Odin superwash yarn.  Love the way the blue worked into the ribbing around the edge

Elly has developed an ear-flap style that sits nicely on her hats.
This one is Elly’s own pattern and you can see her ear-flap style clearly in this one.  She used Galway Worsted, Diamond Luxury yarn, 100% wool. 

This is Galway Worsted, Diamond Luxury yarn and Viking Odin superwash for the coloured parts.

Elly’s new-for-this-day creation – A hockey colour theme sweater for a child (go Canucks!), made with worsted yarn.

And on a personal note, a very happy 50th wedding anniversary to Elly and John. Golden!