Hey everyone 😀😀😀 It’s official! It’s knitting season! I have so much stuff planned. However, today I want to talk about some of our Art that we have available here at GBOW. So lets get right into it shall we? This first piece is a multi-media painting by Adam Cramb. It’s on paper and mounted and framed and under glass. It’s a bit different for Adam I think because it his choice of canvas. If you are familiar with Adams work then you know that he often paints on found objects of all kinds. So this feels a bit more formal than usual. It would fit easily into any style of decor with it’s classic framing.
 Here is another of Adams pieces which shows what I mean by how his choice of canvas is often part of the nature of his style and Genre. Adam is a Graffiti artist. His work could easily be called fringe art. So the fact that his canvases are often found objects ladders into that style or Genre of art. This piece is from his show called Hugging America. It has political content. One of the things I love about Adams Art is the fact that every piece has a story and some kind of political content.
 This piece is by our newest employee and up and coming young artist Felicia Joseph. This and one other piece I have to show you today are new work for her in a new style. This piece is called Gentle Intuition. So far all of our pieces from Felicia have been abstractions. This painting leans more toward magic realism. I absolutely love it.
 This is one of my painting. Katrina Craig. It is an oil on canvas painting of the view from my apartment overlooking the strait here is West View. It`s titled Rain. It`s a small canvas. It is currently in the window if you would like to see it in person.
 Belinda Fogarty created this next painting. It is an technique called an acrylic pour. This style of painting was very popular in the Sixties and is making a resurgence right now. People are doing some amazing things with this technique using Acrylics as you can see from Belinda`s piece here.She has a few different Acrylic pours in the Gallery right now. If you like this style you should come in and see all of her different works. They are all very different from each other in color and effect. 
 This is another of Adam Cramb`s works. It is in the window currently if you would like to come see it in person. It`s a lovely vibrant piece and a favorite of mine. It is mixed media on canvas and it is a great size to fit into any house, large or small.
 Here we have another of Felicia Josephs paintings. It is acrylic on canvas and is is a lovely local landscape. She has a very west coast style to her work. This piece is in the window currently if you would like to come have a look at it. It is a lovely very classic looking painting that would go well in any style of decor. It`s larger but not so large as to be difficult to find a big enough space to hang it. So gorgeous and versatile.
 these last two paintings are both mine. Katrina Craig. The upper one is a painting of a rain storm over Harwood Island. It is oil on canvas with a wooden frame painted white. It`s on the smaller side and quite traditional compared to my current work. I painted this about five years ago now and I am no longer working in this style so there will be no more like this made. The lower painting is of Texada at sunset. it is also an older painting of mine and is interesting because it is one of the very first of my paintings to shift into a more multi-media abstract style that I paint in currently. It features metallic pigment powders that glow and shift color in different lighting.
Ok that`s what I have for you today. Coming up we will have new pictures of Roisin`s latest Fishermans Rib sweaters on a live model and we have tones of classes available starting this month. There will be sweater classes, slipper classes, felting classes, spinning classes and more! Come on down and sign up while there is still room 😸😸😸
Until next time!
💖Happy Knitting!💖