Shirley’s Baby Surprise Jacket at the BSJ class.  “Bye Jove” we believe she (Shirley) has finally got it! We were ALL holding our breath on this one.  Congrats Shirley and congrats to teacher Lynda.

Diane’s extra special BSJ for her extra special baby boy.  Love how she worked the colours in, and she made a hat too, but we don’t have a photo of that. Silly us.

 Lynda’s newest, latest of many, many Baby Surprise Jackets.  This one is truly Eco-Friendly.  Knit with Shepherd’s Own 100% wool from free range sheep.  All natural and un-dyed.  If you wish to purchase one of these extra special Lynda creations (Baby Surprise Jackets) there are many to choose from.  We have 100% Acrylic, 100% Superwash Wool as well as the super Eco-Friendly. $125.00 each. And each one a work of art!