I am in Vancouver for a few days. On drizzly Sunday afternoon, my friend and I took a walk along Commercial Drive, ate sushi, and spent some happy minutes in a well stocked second hand book store…well stocked, but not with knitting books. I did find one, a little fushia softback called Beyond Stitch and Bitch: Reflections on Knitting and Life, by Afi-Odelia Scruggs. Not a knitter or writer I had heard of, but as the first essay is called “Elizabeth Zimmermann: Mother of the Craft”  I was pretty sure it would be interesting. 
I’ll share bits and pieces with you when there aren’t a lot of photos waiting to be posted. 

Here’s a piece from the introduction.
“…my appreciation of knitting has grown more profound as I consider all I’ve learned from it: patience, creativity, discipline, and diligance. Knitting is, quite simply, a spiritual practice. It’s not the same as bowing one’s head or folding one’s hands and making a conscious effort to connect with the presence of the Divine, but when one knits, especially if one concentrates on the work in one’s hands, the conscious self gets out of the way.”