This sweater is Brigitte’s latest creation.  It’s a child’s sweater, 4 yr old size, for which Brigitte had very specific instructions from her grandson. He wanted green and red stripes with short sleeves.  

She used Diamond Luxury Footloose, 90% Fine Merino superwash/ 10% nylon.
Brigitte says the Footloose yarn is good for this kind of sweater but she didn’t find it good for socks.  Apparently, it got very fuzzy very soon. Maybe because the nylon content was only 10%? What do you think, sock knitters?

Diamond Yarn news on “Footloose” is that it is being discontinued, but not forever.  It will come back in the future at near double the present price.
We have limited quantities in stock if you want to purchase at the current,  lower price.