Hi there 😊

So I don’t know if everyone knows this but we have all kinds things here at GBOW! So much more than just wool. We have lot’s of great stuff that goes along with your knitting. I thought today I’d showcase some of our great notions that we have here.

Check this out! Interchangeable needle sets 😍 I love mine. We have a variety of them. We also have individual needle tips and individual cables. 

I bet lots of people don’t know that GBOW has a wonderful selection of buttons too. This is a picture of most of our button boxes but not all of them. There are more in other parts of the store too. I tried to get a few different photos of our selection.

These ones on the right here are all Christmas themed for all your Christmas craft projects.

the following four photos are of wood and coconut shell buttons. The ones directly to the left are quite small and then the following three are of great big ones.

These are all artisan crafted wooden buttons in various shapes and colors and then below that is a photo of shawl pins. 

This is our wall of knitters notions! We have literally almost anything you might need for your knitters tool kit. Stitch markers, stitch counters, pins, darning needles,  sewing needles, needle gauges, and all sorts of specific tools that you might need.

I’d also like to let everyone know that the Cowichan sweater class has been moved to Thursday January 11 2018 from 1pm-3pm.

Okay that’s my post about GBOW for today 😁
Hope you are having a great Monday!
💖Happy Knitting💖