Carole’s Colours

My, what a stretch of gray skies we’ve had. We need some colour so let’s start with Carole’s beautiful crochet afghan, using Diamond Luxury Chroma.  Her color combos always the richest–this is gorgeous.

Debbie’s Afghan

We are all totally in awe of Debbie’s FINALLY finished afghan.  We won’t tell you how long it took, because now that it’s finished, it doesn’t matter. Debbie is proud and so are we.  She knit this with Marble Chunky and one strand of...

Patti’s Afghan

Patti proudly displaying her almost finished afghan.  She had one of the GREAT BIG BALLS of Mohair, in the pinky whitish shades and it hadn’t worked out for a few projects she’d started on.  Brenda suggested using Drops Big Delight in the...

For Donna’s Grandchild

Donna is covering yet another grandchild with yet another of her beautiful afghans.   Roisin says this one is her favourite (she says that about each one).  Donna knit it with Drops Big Delight, 100% wool, handwash.  Rich earthy colours.

Donna’s Very Own Afghan

After making many afghans for family members, Donna has knit another gorgeous one but this one’s for HER!   She knit with Drops Big Delight 100% Wool.  This pattern just works in every yarn we have in the store, and Donna is proving it!...