Maria, Mario and Guido

Maria knitted coats for these two totally cute and gorgeous well loved doggies, named Mario and Guido.  (Carola suggested leg-warmers to complete their outfit.)  Then Maria knit her own hat to match.  Quite a stunning group to see out walking!

Make Me A Coat?

This oh-so-cute non-knitter will be a candidate for a nice knitted doggy coat come winter. How could you resist that face?

Winston Is Not Amused

Winston the Boston Terrier (Sally’s treasure) came in on Friday afternoon for a fitting. Lynda has been knitting a custom coat for him. Unfortunately, even though the coat is beautiful and fits well, Winston has ‘issues’ with anything even slightly...

Hat for Baby

This cute little hat is super easy to knit, with one 50g ball, so not expensive either. Alane made it with Sublime Soya Cotton DK for a friend’s new baby, not her dog. The pattern and yarn can be purchased at the store. William Wallace is not keen on...