Kim’s Butterfly Dress

What a beautiful butterfly dress – Kim’s grand-daughter is a very lucky girl!  A challenging pattern was made even more challenging by some of the yarn being discontinued.  Kim is not one to give up though.  Her persistence certainly paid...

Dressing Joann Up

The versatile BroomeBeanie as a dress on Joann.  She came in perfectly dressed for modeling. Ta-Da!And the BroomeBeanie as hat/cowl on Joann.  Doesn’t she look cute? (yes, we are easily amused…)

Another Adorable Dress

Another beautiful dress for a little girl, this one crocheted by a customer who is going to line it with satin.  Crocheted in 100% bamboo,  there’s a very springy feeling to this piece of wearable artwork.  There’s another one in the works...

Moyra’s Little Dress

Isn’t this adorable? But how big is it? It’s hard to tell…It’s this big! And twice as adorable on this little cutie. Great-Grandma Moyra knit the dress for baby Fiona. Lucky girl. Moyra made it using Venezia 100% cotton...

Moyra’s Baby Dress

Here is Moyra’s beginning of a 100% cotton dress for a baby. She had to finish this by Sunday. Let’s hope she made it. She was well on her way earlier in the week.  A nice hand to this yarn and springy colours.