Birthday Weaving

This is a nicely woven piece, Louisa Harding sparkly mohair, and other 4 different yarns….Roisin can’t remember them all, but they all work well together, as you can see. And it was to be a birthday gift–lucky recipient! 

Judy’s Full Ensemble

Judy with her Diamond Galway Chunky hat and her gorgeous handwoven tweed jacket.  New in stock…these beautiful attach-anywhere-to-anything buttons, one of which adorns Judy’s hat. From New York, doncha know.Judy would fit right in on the NYC street...

Marlaine’s Woven Scarf

Not all things made with yarn from the store end up being knitted or crocheted. The multi-talented Marlaine wove this scarf, using many kinds of yarns. She has fastened it with one of the wooden picks available for sale at the store.