Here is a long list of lovely yarn-y related items that may include lots of things you would be happy to find under the tree and in your stocking. So, print it off and leave it where your personal Santa will find it. Remember Santas, you can get a gift certificate if you can’t decide.
And where can all this be found? Why, at the greatest local yarn shop, Great Balls of Wool at 4722A Marine Ave, right here in Powell River!

1. Knit Kit – The swiss army knife for knitters.  All the essentials, tape measure, stitch counter, yarn cutter, scissors, crochet hook stitch markers, tapestry needle, needle gauge and point protectors.

2. Felting kit by Fiber Trends – everything for the beginning felter – under $30.

3. New pattern book from Universal Yarns – 50 patterns for under $20.00. The gift that keeps giving!

4. Check out the Pattern book bargain bin for gifts under $10.00

5. Hand-made buttons from Ontario – under $10.00 each

6. Knitting Needle Set. Interchangeable needles. We have a variety of sets. 

7. Kids beginners kit. For 5 yr olds and up.  French Knitter with one ball of variegated cotton under $15.00. Get a child started on a lifelong hobby and passion.

8. “Grab & Run” Tool kit for knitters – $25.00 (reg price $29.99)  All the essentials!

9. Malabrigo light weight yarn to drool over –  $19.99 and up. And of course, we have tons of other yummy yarns. 

10. Antique sock darning tools. How cute! 

11. Knitters Pride Pattern stand. Hands free!

12. Yarn Swifts & Ball Winder. If you are using your Santa’s hands or the back of a chair to wind hanks of yarn into nice balls, these. They can make the job go much more smoothly. 
The first two pictures are swifts, and the yarn is spun off onto a winder, picture #3. 

So, there you have it, The Twelve Present Suggestions from Great Balls of Wool! Nine more shopping days until Christmas…