Hey everyone GBOW is offering some super cool classes in the New Year😀 Check it out…
We have got a Sweater Inspired by the Cowichan Style class available for anyone who wants to knit one of these warm cozy wonders 💗💖 I have one and have worn these kind of sweaters on the coast here since I was a little girl. My Grandmother knit them for everyone in my family when I was growing up and I have to say they are the best thing in the climate we have here. They are warm in the rainy cold and yet breath well so you don’t over heat also wool stays warm when wet in a way that no synthetic material does quite the same way. I just love mine. So cozy. Below is a picture of one of the Gorgeous creations made here at GBOW.

The class info is as follows:
Start Date: Wednesday January 17th 10 am to noon with Roisin,
knit in one piece, no sewing,
$100 + materials

Belinda will be teaching another one of her popular Needle Felted Owl classes! Below is a picture that gives you a look at all the variety of cuteness that exploded out of the last class she taught 😍 Are they not the sweetest things ever? Come on in and try your hand at creating your own lil wooly critters 💖💋

Class information is as follows:
Needle Felted Owl Class:
Two hour worshop $30 dollars everything included,
Wednesday January 3rd, 1-3 pm with Belinda.

Petra is offering her ever popular knitted and felted slipper class again. These slippers have been a big hit! People cannot get enough of making them. They get totally hooked on it and make slippers for the whole family 😁 people just go nuts over them! See the big stack of them below. Petra made all of those and sold them all at the craft sale and her students have probably made even more than that many to fill the requests of family and friends! Wanna make a popular gift? These things are like knitted gift GOLD!

Class info is as fallows:
Knitted felted slippers with Petra,
Start Date,
Wednesday January 17th, 1-3 pm
$75 plus materials, expert instruction and guaranteed FUN!

And now for all those who are sock obsessed… or have always dreamed of trying socks but have not yet braved the almighty sock! The Sockistas are back in action! Actually they have been for a while 😋
So bring your socks and hang out or scoot down here and get all set up to learn two socks from the toe up on two circular needles with an afterthought heal… sound hard? It’s not. It’s super duper fun and easy. The class is a one time fee plus materials and you are a Sockista FOREVER! Truley. So come join the Sockista never-ending sock class and make tones of socks of all kinds!

Class information is as follows:
Sockista Method, 2 sox on 2 circs toe up,
Every Tuesday 1-3pm
Start Date: January 18th (earlier if you wish)
$75= materials, never-ending class💓

OK so people are just loving our Purl Piccadilly Scarf that we have been making here at GBOW. Kit’s have been just flying out the door! We have been having so much FUN making up custom colorways for everyone 😍 But some people have been requesting HELP! so in light of that we are offering a FREE Purl Piccadilly knit along when you buy your supplies here at GBOW 💗 So come in and browse around. We will help you design your very own custom color way then you can hang out and create your custom gorgeous Purl Piccadilly scarf for your very own or to give as a gift.

Class information is as follows:
Purl Piccadilly Knit Along with Roisin,
FREE- with yarn purchase
Thursday afternoons, 1-3pm,
Start Date: January 18th (earlier if you wish)

Allll righty then!
That about covers our classes for the moment 😉
But stay tuned because we have more creative things cooking on the back burner!
Until then…
💖Happy Knitting💖