Hey everyone ๐Ÿ˜€ I thought I would show you some of our clothing that we have here at GBOW. It is all slow clothing. Handmade. Some are even Roisin’s original designs.
We have got a whole rack that we put together for you to brows through. On the right is the Texada Time Wrap. One of Roisin’s original designs. I have a couple examples to show you that are for sale here now. Or if you are up for a creative project you can come in and select the yarn of your choice and get the pattern to make your own!
Here you can see some of our lighter shawls and summer things. The left is a Chantal Shawl. One of Roisin’s original designs. You can buy the finished product here or you can come in and pick your wool and get the pattern and knit your own ๐Ÿ˜€
This gorgeous green poncho was knit by Brenda. It’s machine washable and it’s for sale here now. The hat that is with it is sold separately but it would look so sweet with this lovely shawl. The hat was knit by Roisin. It is 100% wool. 
These two incredible lace weight jackets are a Jude Skeers design. These were knit by Roisin and are available for purchase here now. We also sell the pattern for this lovely number. I currently am knitting one out of Australian lace weight silk. It’s a relatively easy knit but remember, if you feel like knitting anything you see here just come in and put the materials together and Roisin will help you get it done!
The lovely grey poncho below is another of Roisin’s original designs. She knit this one out of a variety of different yarns but it looks gorgeous done in a solid color as well. We have another solid color one here in the shop that you can look at for inspiration or you can try either or both on for fit to get an idea what size you might like to make. This is a super easy pattern. It is knit flat!
Below is another example of the Texada Time Wrap Poncho. It’s a super fun easy knit too. It is knit flat as well. We have tones of gorgeous buttons to complete your project. So you can come in and get literally everything you need in one stop plus you can come back for instructions if you get stuck!
So in other news I thought I would show you a picture of my Wilingdon Beach Sweater. It is all done! This is another example of something you can make too. It’s super easy and satisfying because it goes quite quickly for a bigger project. We have an example here at the store for you try try on to gauge what size you might like to make. I loved this pattern so much I am making it twice!
Below is the beginning of my second Wiligdon Beach Sweater! I am knitting this one out of two lace weight yarns together to equal a DK weight. The lavender strand is Alpaca and the green strand is Mohair. It is very soft and has a slight halo. Also the green strand has a tiny bit of sparkle! So pretty. Im about half way through the yoke now starting from the collar and working down. Next I separate for the sleeves. This one is going to be sleeveless so once I separate for the sleeves it is a clear shot to the hem! Because it is knit on circs it is strait knit all the way through. Virtually no pearl at all. The only place you pearl is on the short rows when you are building up at back of the yoke. Other than that it is all knit, knit, knit!!! Easy Peasy!
All righty then! That’s about it for today’s update. I hope you will come in and try on some clothing. maybe start a new project??? It’s such a cool and rainy summer it is perfect knitting weather.  Maybe we will see you down here for lessons! Come hang out and share tea and snacks. Have a chin wag with the ladies! The more the merrier ๐Ÿ˜Š
Until next week…
๐Ÿ’–Happy Knitting!๐Ÿ’–