UPDATE: I was close. Susan knitted this in two weeks! Amazing (especially to those of us who knit very, very slowly).
Also, I switched photos because these two show the details.

This gorgeous sweater is a top down raglan, knit all in one piece and NO sewing! Susan’s art work for Dale used only 12 balls of Schafwolle (50g)100% Superwash Wool from Germany @ $6.95 sale price.  What a deal for a one-of-a-kind sweater! 
You can get the pattern and yarn at the store although the yarn is discontinued. Roisin says there’s probably enough in stock for 4 more sweaters and then it’s ALL GONE.
Now, your blog curator has to comment that she saw this sweater being knitted over, *maybe* three weeks. Susan is fast!

There’s a lot of sweater love going on in Powell River!