Customers might have seen the single Gauntlet Roisin made for sister Dara’s birthday in December.  Dara went Los Angeles recently to launch her play “Hear Me Looking At You.” The play was sold out and the second Gauntlet has now been finished and is (almost) in the mail to Vancouver.

Here’s what the theatre had to say about Dara and her play: 

“HEAR ME LOOKING AT YOU is premiering in our Guild Theatre on Fri Dec 27th.
Dara Culhane is an anthropologist who lives in Vancouver. With a Jewish mother, Irish father, and two First Nation children, she clearly chose the perfect occupation. Now she has crafted an eloquent story of parents, pride, memory, and the narratives we weave from these themes that guide our lives–and sometimes need rewriting. Dara is coming to Los Angeles to perform this story on December 27 and 28.”