Here are this past Friday’s Crochet Class creations.  Marlaine is teaching crochet every Friday at 1 pm, and will continue in the New Year, so you can start anytime.  

These gorgeous samples are made with Malabrigo Rios, 100% Superwash Merino Wool.

I always misspell “Malabrigo” when I type it and got to wondering about the name. Here is what the company blog has to say about the name:

“‘Mal abrigo’ translates roughly to ‘bad shelter’, a curious name for a yarn company indeed.
The name comes in part from the village of Mal Abrigo in Uruguay. There are several towns of that name in South America (and other countries) but that was the one we had in mind. It is called that because it us extremely windy and back when people rode horses and needed to take shelter for the night, it was known for being a terrible place to stop.
[…] In our minds, Malabrigo is an imaginary and chilly place where the weather drives everyone inside to knit, and cozy wool sweaters, hats, and scarves are always useful!”