There are some photos that date back to late March…apologies for not getting them up sooner!
Now, this happens very, very rarely…Roisin is STUMPED…truly. She is trying to work with Elly’s specialty stitch, a double Brioche. Mary is knitting it and has tried to correct a ‘wrong’, and she couldn’t so passed it along to Roisin, who couldn’t. They need Elly!

Petra in deep concentration at a Thursday’s Free Help for Everything (except Elly’s specialty double Brioche stitch)  Petra is making a beautiful coat with Rustic Mega Chunky.

Mary explaining that she needs ‘HELP’…oh well…Vickie casting on for her next Jude Skeers Circular Shawl in cotton and linen blend.  It’ll be gorgeous.

Speaking of Jude Skeers, there’s going to be a pile of photos coming up of the man himself!