Friday afternoon is drop in day! Anyone needing help with a project. Help with a specific technique. Or just help with your knitting in general can just drop by and for ten dollars you get two hours of help plus you get to hang with the girls 😈 😇Things can get pretty racy in the Loopy Lounge! There’s lots of laughter and even a little knitting gets done too.
Our first picture today is of Maria’s Apple hat. Isn’t it cute? Last Friday it was just beginning and here it is all done! Looks good enough to eat.
Judy’s first cabling project is coming along well. Here you can see it has grown at least two inches since last week. Its really coming along beautifully.
Maria has been working on this one for a while. Lots of knitting went into this project. Its ecru cotton and feels absolutely lovely to touch.
Look at this line up of slippers by Petra! Petra teaches the slipper knitting class. She has made a tone of these. She is going to be selling them at the Dwight Hall Craft Fair this fall if you think you might like a pair. These slippers are knitted out of Galway for the solid colors in the sole and cuff and delicious Malabrigo in the upper multi hued area. Tough, warm and cozy. A pair of these should last years and years if cared for properly.
This is Julies first time doing a provisional cast on. She says every time she counts her stitches she counts a different number of stitches. I can totally relate! I did a huge cast on for a Jude Skeers Circular Shawl that I am knitting and it was daunting to say the least! So I have a lots of empathy for Julie struggling with her provisional cast on for the sweater she is going to knit.
Look how much Roisin’s gorgeous Moebius cowl has grown! Last Friday it was not half this size. She is really motoring along. The colors in it are really beautiful. The Moebius class is coming along great and the Baby Surprise Jacket class has started up now. Soon there will be a Cowichan sweater class starting, there is still room available in that class and time to register for it. That would be a great thing to learn how to do. And a great way to improve your over all knitting skills.
So I will leave you with a teaser picture for the subject of the next post. Sockyarn. This is a picture of the new sock yarn that has just come in. Very soft and, i don’t know if you can really see it in this picture, also very speckled with dots of dye. It’s the latest thing…
More on that later..
Have a great day 💓😘😁