Its Friday HELP! day at Great Balls of Wool and the Loopy Lounge is packed with knitters getting help with their various projects. Petra is here today in an unofficial capacity. She teaches the felted slipper class that everyone loves and is a great teacher! But today she is getting help with her cast on for another Moebious cowl that she is making for a friend. It’s going to be gorgeous. I don’t have a picture of her work today because she hasn’t started yet. You can see her in the photo below though. She’s sitting in front of the window there..

Here’s Judy C. showing us her newest project! It’s a very simple scarf she is knitting out of JCBrett Chunky Marble. She was inspired last week by Kathy’s scarf that she was knitting out of the same color way in the same yarn. Isn’t is lovely??? As you can see she is all set up with her knitting lamp and her cup of tea! Comfy and cozy in this winter weather. Soon she will have a warm scarf to wear too!

This is a little boys cardigan that Julie is knitting and it is really super cool. You start knitting from the cuff of the sleeve and go up the arm and down the body where there is some cabling. Really different. Its a super cute pattern. The wool is really beautiful. She is doing a great job!

Debbie is modeling her new cowl that she is working on. Its based on one of Roisin’s patterns however she has adapted it a bit to suit here own taste with some encouragement from the group 😋 She has added a seed stitch border along each side to help it lay flat at the edges. It looks great. She hopes to have enough yarn left over to make a pair of matching wristlets.

Judy Y. is working on this lovely lemon number called Southern Comfort! Yum! Its a pattern for a summer top knit out of Butterfly cotton which is supper deluxe stuff. She started it earlier this year and has been working away at it. It’s coming along beautifully. She will love having this beautiful new garment to wear next summer. I will have to get a photo of her in it for the blog this summer!

This is Lisa’s sweater that she is working on. She has knitted herself to a stand still and it has been laying on the table waiting until she could bring it in to Roisin to get help with a tricky spot. But look how much she has gotten done! And it’s gorgeous! Super duper deluxe wool and a great pattern. She just needs a  bit of assistance joining the front to the back. That can be tricky.

This project is also Lisa’s. Is this beautiful or what? This is Malabrigo Rasta. Malabrigo is soooo…. it’s the best. I just love Malabrigo. It has the best color. The dye work in Malabrigo is really the best. It is comparable to hand made, small batch, artisan yarn. I really can’t think of another commercial yarn that does it better. Their product is just mind bogglingly amazing. I think this project is going to be a head band but really I was so busy drooling over how beautiful it is that I kinda was distracted from what it is actually going to be 😜

So there you go… a little sneeky peeky at whats going on down here at Great Balls of Wool this gray winter afternoon. That’s not even all of it. There are more projects still! And I cannot convey through writing all the laughter and conversation ringing through the room. You will have to come down and hang out yourself to get the full experience 😉
Hope to see you soon!
💖Happy Knitting💖