Hey everyone! Great new things afoot at GBOW 😀. First of all here is a picture of me spinning on the new Atomic Flower drop spindles. It works like a charm. I’m so happy to be able to offer a spinning class for anyone who wants to learn to spin art yarn on a drop spindle. You can spin about a worsted weight on this spindle. We are hoping to have a project available for you to look at to see what you might do with your yarn after you have made it.
 Today we have a bunch of show and tell for you to look at. This is Lori Moore’s Willingdon Beach sweater 😀 Isn’t it wonderful? I love it so much. It’s one of many that people have been knitting. This sweater is so versatile. It looks unique each time someone makes it. You can use the original sweater designed by Roisin and change it to suit your taste. People are finding it an easy pattern that adapts well to your individual needs.
 Here is another of Lori’s projects. They are knitted and felted water bottle holders for hiking or just wandering about town. You can hang your bottle from your shoulder. Very convenient.
This shawl is Lori’s too! It’s lovely isn’t it? It has pockets 😀😀😀 How great is that? I just love anything with pockets.
Next we have another GBOW pattern that has proven to be easy and versatile. The Purl Piccadilly Scarf. this is Lori’s interpretation of the Purl Piccadilly scarf.. Very long and knit simply in a long tube it’s been very popular and it is always fun to see it done in a new color way. Thank you Lori for bringing yours in to show and tell.
 Last but not least Lori brought in this wonderful hummingbird sweater to show everyone. It’s just so lovely.
More new stuff happening right now… we have a new person coming on board to work here at GBOW Felicia Joseph is going to be working here now 😀😀😀 How great is that? She is just starting out but you are welcome to come in and say Hello! And she can tell you a bit about her art that she displays here. 
In the fall season we will be having more classes available for your knitting and felting cravings. Belinda will be teaching her classes on needle felting. Roisin will be teaching her new sweater, the Fin Bay Fishermans Rib. Petra will be teaching knitted felted slippers as always 😀 And I will be teaching spin to knit art yarn. 
We hope to see you come in! 
until next week…
💗Happy Knitting💗