After living in the US for more than ten years, I (Alane) am still a bit surprised when our Thanksgiving comes around, 7 weeks earlier than the US event. So soon! Even though, (in my opinion) the Canadian time frame makes much more sense as a harvest celebration, and is not butted up against the Christmas season. In Canada, I am happy to eat a turkey dinner with all the fixings in early October, and then again in late December. In the US, it’s turkey for Thanksgiving in late November and then anything but in late December. 

Anyway, there we are…Thanksgiving. A former sister-in-law (and still cherished relative) always insisted on a go-round the table and have everyone tell at least one thing they were grateful for. My stiff-upper-lip family found that tough at first….but we still do it.

I am grateful for the community of yarn people in Powell River. I have found friends and renewed an interest in a wonderful pastime.  I am thankful Roisin decided to open a yarn store and that Lynda taught me how to use 4 needles this afternoon. 

We hope your holiday weekend is stuffed with thanks.