Roisin has been having lots of fun hanging out with her beautiful Grand nieces who are visiting right now! On the left is Justine and on the right is Fin 😍 Justine is visiting from Vancouver and Fin has come all the way from Australia!!! Of course they are knitting while they are here. Justine made a super fun kitty hat and Fin is making something out of blue Baby Alpaca. I did not get a chance to ask her about it but my guess is it would most likely be a cowl 😄
This is another visitor we had come up from Gibsons. This is Nicole modeling her hat that she made from a pattern that Roisin wrote down for her. She was here with her daughter Hanna. It was wonderful to have them visit and we are hoping to see them again soon 💗
Then this is Shandi from Merville who stopped by last week for a visit and picked up the matching set she is wearing here, it’s a Piccadilly scarf and matching hat! She happily agreed to model it for us. We hope she stops by again next time she is in town 💗
So we are offering some classes here at GBOW and I thought I’d give everyone the heads up about this one. This is the Salish Sea toque class. So what you learn in this class is all the techniques you need to know for making a sweater where you carry the strands of yarn in your work to knit patterns in multiple colors of yarn. Think of it as a mini tutorial in sweater making. So if you think you might want to make the Salish Sea sweater but you are not sure if you will like it and you want to have a little taste before you commit to a whole sweater! This is the perfect way to stretch your wings without having to jump into a project that feels to big. Click on the link to sign up!!!
Here is a beautiful shawl that Roisin knit up using two yarns from GBOW. The pink is Malabrigo hollyhock. The verigated yarn is Queensland Rustic Wool. If you click on those they are linked to the GBOW website and you can snap them up if you so desire.
Also we have this super cute hat that Belinda knit up. It’s a free Purl Soho pattern knit out of Seta Tweed and thats live linked too so if you click the link it will take you right there and you can buy the yarn from the GBOW website. 😁
Saturday Morning drop in was great as usual 😍 we had a table full of lovely ladies knitting like crazy! Fun was had by all. Lots of stories and laughter. So fun.
Here is a close up of Amanda’s progress on her sweater that Roisin wrote up the pattern for out of her head. Isn’t it beautiful!!! I just love it! But then turquoise is one of my MOST favorite colors. She is knitting it out of Foot Loose. It’s gorgeous, soft Merino superwash sock weight yarn. It is available on the GBOW website if you want. I live linked it so it will take you directly there. It’s to die for.
And here is Sharon with not one but two scarves! The blue one she is holding up is of Baby Alpaca Sport. Soft! Soft! Soft! And so beautiful! Live linked for you if you like it. And the red one peaking out around her neck is Chunky Galway! Dosen’t she look so beautiful???
So Loopy Lounge is OPEN! Thursday nights from 6:30 until 8:30 pm if you think you might like to drop by and knit we would love to see you!!! It’s the brain child of Deirdre and Amy and Roisin and I thought it was such a fun idea we have decided to keep the shop open on Thursday nights after five!!! 😲 So I will be here on Thursday nights and the shop will be open for your shopping convenience right until 8:30pm 😲😲😲 Imagine? Night time wool shopping?? What could be more decadent… you could even stay and knit a while and start your project right away… FUN!
Ok that’s about it for me for today. Hope you enjoyed your woolly news. 
Come see us!
Until then…
💖Happy Knitting💖