Hey everyone 😀 ! We have a whole lota hats goin on around here just now so I thought I’d do a lil post about some of them. Karen Skadshiem is going to have some ladies here for Women’s Day…
Great Balls of Wool will be having a couple of Pussy Hat Knit-ins: Thursday March 1 6:30-8:30pm and Saturday March 3 1pm-4pm. Learn how to make your very own. 10% off yarn!!” 
Here is a picture of the Pussy Hat it is made with hot pink Uptown Yarn the yarn is $5.49 a ball before the 10% discount 😉 and you will have a little bit left over.

Blinda knit up this free pattern from Purl Soho. It’s super simple, easy peasy. Just garter stitch. Didn’t she pick the most gorgeous yarn??? She made it out of Seta Tweed. So soft! 55% wool 25% polymide 20% silk.

By popular demand we are offering a class making this hat called “Flower Garden” It’s a free pattern off of Ravelry that Roisin has adapted with her own technique for a double knitted brim. It is made out of one skein of my hand dyed sock yarn and one skein of mohair. People just love the thick snug fit of the brim on this hat. It’s a really amazing design adaptation that Roisin got the idea for from her friend Jude Skeers from Australia who told her about a beanie hat competition in Australia where this type of hat band was the winner of the competition. So she decided to try her own invention of a way of making a double knitted hat band and it’s been a big hit! We have not set a date for this hat class yet but hope to pick a date for it in the next couple days so check our Instagram and Facebook accounts or by all means call or drop in!!!
People are going crazy over this heart hat! It’s done in the stranding technique that Roisin teaches here at GBOW that usually looks more like the ones further down the page but Maria is allergic to wool! So she made this one in chunky acrylic called Nako Spaghetti Effects. Isn’t it SO beautiful and perfect for a new baby? She gave it to a friend for their new baby and they immediately requested another one in a different color! Other knitters saw this hat, realized all the possibilities this technique offers and now more classes have been requested 😁 So we will be offering another class in this style of knitting called…
The Justine Hat Class. On Saturday February 24 from 1-4 pm. The class costs $50.00 and that includes your kit. So what you do is you register for the class, come in and pick up your kit in advance and knit the band of the hat so you are ready to start your motif on the day that the class is offered. You can register online if you would like by clicking the link above and going directly to the website.
Ok so that’s a bit about hats! I could go on and on about all kinds of other hats too 😍 but i thought these were the most interesting. Feel free to come in and see what else we get up to around here 😉 !
💖Happy Knitting!!!💖