Faithful Readers, your Blog Meister is back from an amazing trip to Cortes Island, and three days of kayaking from the schooner, Misty Isles, our mothership. And as I expected, there’s a wee bit of catch-up to be done in posting here. 

First, though, I have to confess I completely fell down in fulfilling my own challenge to you….to send us photos of “Where’s My Yarn Been?”. I took quite a few photos, around Hollyhock where I stayed, from Misty Isles, and from my kayak…but was my knitting in any of them? No. 
I did knit my Empress of Hat’s Lynda’s Slouch Hat on the deck at Hollyhock but forgot to record that. So, here I am kicking off the “Where’s My Yarn Been” series with a pathetic entry…a photo of just the deck…no yarn. Please imagine me sitting at a table like you can see in the photo, happily knitting while I drink morning tea, before heading out. I know you can do better than I did!