‘Empress of Hats’ Lynda – her Slouch Hat Class started this afternoon with Barb and ‘Blog Meister’ Alane (who declined being photographed). We need a GBOW papparazi hit squad, says Roisin! (No, Roisin….we do not!) 

Barbara is using a beautiful royal blue yarn, as you can see, and is trying circular needles and a long tail cast on for the first time. Under Lynda’s excellent and patient tutelage, Barbara did very well. 

And you don’t get a photo of me, but of my efforts…I am comfortable with circular needles but didn’t know how to do a long tail cast on. And I definitely do not know how to use 4 needles, which we will be doing to finish our hats off. My yarn is Noro Ayatori. lovely to knit with. 

And speaking of hats, look at this booklet of 8 really cute hats to knit! And the skill level required is…not much. 1 is marked basic, 5 are easy and 2 intermediate. You can buy this at the store…only 2 right now, but Roisin immediately ordered 20 more copies when she heard Lynda, Barbara and I all exclaiming over the patterns. And, as Roisin carries Diamond yarns, you will be able to find exactly the right yarn at the store.