It’s Crochet Monday’s with Lindalu!πŸ’•πŸ˜ƒπŸ’• We are so excited to be offering a drop in class for learning Crochet. Monday afternoons here at GBOW for $10.00!!!  😲😲😲 It’s a great deal and a fantastic opportunity to expand your crafty skills. Look at the gorgeous granny squares that Lindalu has prepared for you to drool over as inspiration to motivate you to come down and try your hand at creating your very own heirloom pieces to pass down to your children or just drape decorously around your house, and when people ask you… “Did you make that? It’s Beautiful!” You will be able to say… “Why yes! Yes I did.” And smile knowingly. Then tell them about Lindalu’s excellent Crotchet Class where you learned how 😁
Aren’t these super duper deluxe??? I have dreamed of crocheting granny squares like this. Really. I have. But never learned how. I just knit.
Lindalu is a Master of Crochet and an excellent teacher. Class will be from 1pm until 3pm. Two hours! Enough time to get really started on something. But it is drop in. So you can come and go as you please. It’s geared to be flexible and accessible. It would be a great activity for your young tweens and teens this spring break! I was talking with a young girls Grandma and she was asking me what classes we offer for young people here at GBOW for the spring break as it can be hard to find crafts for them to do that they like. We often have little ones here learning to knit and needle felt. Now we can offer Crochet too!
So if you’ve got young ones hangin about the house getting under your feet. Bring them to us for drop in and just set them up with a project and drop them off for two hours. Our most popular day for children is of course Saturday morning from 10am to noon. But we also are here from 1pm to 3pm on Friday afternoon for knitting if that works for you. And now Monday from 1pm to 3pm for the Crochet. We find the week days are suitable for people adding to the curriculum of their home schooled children. As are the needle felting classes. So that is also an option. We have had people drop their children off to learn knitting and needle felting for that kind of thing. So kids are very welcome here at GBOW.
And of course Granny’s are welcome too! Who more classically suited to knit or crochet Granny Squares then a Granny I ask you? “Free your inner Granny!” and craft up a storm!!! We actually have crafty women of all ages here at GBOW young and old. Moms, babies, Grannies. Even, believe it or not… some “Men that knit” Ok, well, there is Edward who comes for Sockista’s and knits socks. That’s what we always say, but there are actually quite a few more than that… Yup. We include everyone.
Alrighty then! Hope you are having an excellent Monday!
Maybe see you soon???
Until then…
πŸ’–Happy KnittingπŸ’–