Jill is such a great customer! She recently took her first knitting classes, bought her first “Knit By Roisin” item and she is a willing model–with a head! 

Jill came in to visit her new favourite shawl recently (a circular shawl–Jude Skeers design, knit by Roisin), tried it every which way (It can be worn longways or shortways). And then…she couldn’t take it off.  It has gone to a good home–and it looks fabulous on her.

So, Roisin had Jill model her latest Circular Shawl (another Jude Skeers design) This one is made with a Cotton/Acrylic blend which looks like raw silk, with one of the Jul’s (New York) designer closures.

Same shawl worn a different way. Roisin used the fluffy frilly scarf yarn for edging, knit into it.

And this is Jill’s first completed project after 4 beginner’s knitting lessons–a Sirdar Bohemia Cowl. Cozy.  She’s already got two more projects on the go!