If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that Roisin has been on a serious Moebius  wrap knitting streak, and has been teaching a class in knitting a circular shawl. Both are based on patterns by Australian Jude Skeers. Jude sent Roisin photos of beautiful knitted webs he has made…there are two included here. 

And this is what the Orana Arts site, in New South Wales, has to say about his work.

“Jude Skeers is a self taught Textile Artist who works exclusively with hand knitting. He has been knitting since his youth and has had several major exhibitions of his knitted webs, trees and other sculptures. He has exhibited his work over a 30-year period in galleries all over Australia. He has also worked as an Installation Artist and teaches workshops. Jude has specialised in circular knitting. In the last few years, he has developed a range of wearable pieces using his specially designed circular needles. In more recent times he has designed a number of garments for which he has written the patterns. These garments have included Moebius knitting. Jude’s hand knitted, one-off garments have evolved from his artistic knitting. He enjoys incorporating a variety of yarns and stitches into his designs.”

Web 10

Web 19