Oh my….so much to catch up on! I’ve been away visiting family in Ontario so missed the very beginning of Jude’s residency at GBOW, but I caught up today, with his hat workshop…more on that below. 

Jude started his first-time visit to Canada with a short stay in Vancouver, hosted by Friend-Of-GBOW, Nigel and his husband Geordie. Nigel took Jude to various knitting meccas, the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, and a long lunch with Holli Yeoh, knitting designer, and Nigel’s step-daughter. And then it was off to PR for Jude where woolly things began right away.

These are some photos from that first week. Make sure you look at the whole post as there are a lot of photos. Come back for Week Two photos!

Jude’s first workshop in the Loopy Lounge.  Everyone is busy knitting the E-longated shawl which looks like this, finished:

Myrt, Jude and Amy hanging out with GBOW Yarn and wearing Jude designs. They’re woolly happy.

The back of Myrt Modeling Jude’s Elizabeth Zimmerman style jacket.  We’ve already had one class…another one next week.

Here’s what the front looks like.

These photos are from the Möbius and Zimmermann style jacket classes. Goodness, this is fun!

And then today was the hat workshop… This is the first Jude class I have taken and I learned a lot! Aside from learning some very cool knitting techniques, untried by me (stranding…double knitting….) I also learned Jude is a great teacher who can tell stories at the same time he keeps track of each participant’s progress. (Yep, that’s me in the orange lace shawl that Nigel knit me for my birthday).