UPDATE: The start date for this class is now June 13th. And when Roisin sent me this info on Friday. there were already 3 of the 6 places taken….register right away if you want to participate!

Sign up for this short class and learn to knit an Adult, Child or Baby Jacket. Design and Pattern by Jude Skeers. This is Jude’s version of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket.
The jacket knits up fast, and it’s an easy pattern with a few instructions.  A fun summer project.
Instruction by Roisin (because who else could teach a Jude project?!)
Make any size in any yarn. 
Class start date :  Friday June 6th, 1-3 pm
2 or 3 classes depending on the knitters.
$25.00 plus purchase of materials. And please, pre-register!

Some examples.  Knit on 10mm needles, chunky yarn, Cotton/Acrylic with 5% Silk. Would fit a teen or small adult.

Baby size, knit on 8mm needles, Superwash DK.

Knit on 10mm needles, Ribbon Yarn, nylon/acrylic, to fit 5-7 yrs old. (So cute!)

Knit with chunky 100% wool and some wool and silk, 12 mm needles, to fit Adults.