Keith and a friend, visiting from Vancouver, attended our sock talk lesson with Nigel on Tuesday afternoon afternoon, and got his sock underway during the session
Later that same day, they spent some time at the Courthouse Inn in the Townsite…where Keith ripped back his first attempt and started again.
Then, later, in the evening, sitting around the campfire later at Willingdon Beach he got past the heel.

Congrats Keith!  We’re impressed.
A whole list of “Firsts”!

First time in Powell River
First time knitting socks from the toe up
First time doing the Turkish cast on
First time using variegated sock yarn
First time using the magic loop method
First time using Nigel’s version of Cat Bordhi’s toe increase
First time turning a heel using Nigel’s very very special method. 

That makes Powell River the  ‘Knit Capital of B.C.’ we think.