Don’t forget to get your yarn out in public tomorrow to celebrate Worldwide Knit In Public Day. According to the KIP Facebook page, there are over 600 KIP events registered, from 45 countries! Come and join us at the store between 11-3 tomorrow and….Knit In Public! Bring a chair if you can.

From the WWKipDay page: “Now begins the week that we would show that knitting is not just for old ladies at home on the couch – nay it is for everyone young and old, men and women and it’s fun, it’s creative and it’s a great social act where you can share inspiration and ideas.
I hope that today and the next week will bring new relationships both across countries but also within the local community around each KiP. Imagine all the people involved in this are connected – then the world becomes smaller and more fun.
– Better Living through stitching together”