Hello everyone 😃 So this week I have a collection of project photo’s for you to peruse. Above is a picture of Hillary and her lil guy Thor who visit us on Saturday afternoon drop in days so Hillary can work on her sweater which you can see there in her lap. It is knit out of sock yarn and Sisu. Sisu is fair isle yarn. Its about the same weight as sock yarn. Her sweater is coming out beautiful. It’s going to be a light weight sweater that she can wear summer or winter.
 Heather is on a role with her but cuff making! She is making them out of Galway in all different colors to match all different outfits and she is making them to give away to close friends too! This was one she was wearing when she came in. I thought she looked sensational in her west coastie, many layered, look that she had put together with it.
 Amy is making a Steven West sweater! I love Steven West. Amy turned me on to Steven West and now I am following him on Instagram and I just love him. If you have not checked him out I highly recommend it. There is nothing else quite like him. Amy is almost finished her sweater and I cannot wait to see her in it! She’s going to look fantastic.
 Claire is making a scrappy shawl out of my hand dyed sock yarn and my hand spun yarn. You can see the yarn she is using here in the picture wound into balls as she is starting out. I’m super excited to see how it progresses. The night she was working on it that this photo was taken was a Thursday night drop in night. She had just decided to add a skein of Foot loose speckle dyed yarn to it to give it a bit of a white stripe.
 These are Tanya’s gorgeous orange slippers! She comes to Thursday night drop in sometimes. That’s where I got this super saturated orange slipper photo. I love it so much. These slippers are the knitted felted slipper pattern by Fiber Trends that people are just crazy about. Bet you can’t make just one pair!!!
 Isn’t this sweater the sweetest thing??? People just went crazy over it on Instagram. It’s Kathy’s creation. She knit it out of Diamond Luxury Fine Merino Superwash DK. Before you ask, the pattern is from her stash and it’s from the 80’s 😁 Don’t you just love it so HARD! They don’t make em like that anymore.
 Ok so this GORGEOUS creation is of course Roisin’s. And it was made by special request just for Ivan with his family crest on it and canoes around the bottom. He was very happy with it. So was his 💖Mum💖 who commissioned it.
Look how GLORIOUS Amanda looks in this sample sweater by Roisin!!! I just love this sweater so much! Amanda does too. She says it’s going to be her next project and I know it’s going to be mine. I’ve already got the wool picked out! Amanda says she wants to make hers just like Roisin’s. I’m going to make mine similar but different colors. So I’m going to use the colors… “Liquid Amber” for the Malabrigo part and a Galway Highland Heather called ” Foxglove” for the Galway part. So, pictures when I get started…
Ok! That’s about it for today..
Until next week 😀
💖Happy Knitting💖