Sockistas were socking all over on Tuesday afternoon.  Edward finished his very first pair, he used Big Fabel for a thicker hiking boot type sock.  Edward learned all the tricks with this pair and is now starting on a several-shades-of-grey lighter yarn. 

Gina knitting socks for Gina.  We were all surprised at how much we liked the striping on this Regia on-sale-but-now-out-of yarn.  Gina got the very last of it.  Too bad.  Note her ‘Carola tuck’ method of stashing her balls of wool while she’s knitting.  Knitters are SUCH clever people!

Dee is working away on her first pair, nearing the finish line.  It’s down to the wire with the heels, yarn used is On-Line Vegas, next Tuesday is Kitchener stitch day and VOILA, it’ll be on the foot day too.  Can’t wait to see these on.  

And Jocelyn, nearing completion on her On-Line Vegas pair too.  Colourful and kneatly knitted, nice job.  They’re close to finishing too, Not sure if Dee or Jocelyn will finish first.  This is Jocelyn’s 4th pair, maybe?

Amy has started her first sock in Viking Sportsragg, wool & nylon.  Amy is one of our younger knitters; we predict many many pairs of socks to be knit by Amy before she’s even a teenager!  Amy says the benefit of being younger and smaller is that she doesn’t have to knit so much to cover her foot.

Lynda and Sue managed a quick get-away before the camera came out.  Sue is on her first pair of socks and is doing exceptionally well.  The On-Line yarn she chose is working well too.  Lynda has almost completed a child’s pair in one of our fave yarns, Big Fabel in browns and off-whites. Roisin will get a picture next Tuesday.