Sockistas are gearing up for the winter….join us for a fun time AND knit socks on Tuesday afternoons.  The table shows off socks-in-progress by Carola, Lynda T (who must be on her 4th or 5th pair by now) and Roisin who is using Danika’s hand dyed GBOW yarn.

Gina’s over-the-knee socks in progress for one of her daughters.  If you really really really like this wool….um, too bad.  Gina bought the last balls. But never fear, we have loads of fabulous sock yarns. 

Jocelyn’s freshest pair – Austermann yarn and there are still a couple of balls of this in the store.  Jocelyn’s last pair are wandering around U of T on her son’s feet, keeping him warm for his first winter away.  Comforting thought.