Look what the old Great Balls of Wool location has become! It’s an air BnB 😀 We have already had guests. It’s all set up and ready to go should you need accommodation for guests from out of town. You can book it on-line. Or perhaps if you just have the hankering to spend the night in the place that used to be your local yarn shop. Minus the actual yarn. So maybe not. The yarn being the reason you might want to spend the night in a wool shop.
This is Virginia. She made a Jude Skeers circular vest out of a soft light weight yarn. Isn’t it glorious! She did such a good job.

Here is another one of Ruth’s creations and it is knit out of milk. For real. the yarn is made from milk protein. It doesn’t smell like cheese though. It has no smell at all. It’s a chocolate milk sweater. With a matching hat.
Petra’s slipper class is turning out slippers like a factory! One pair after another. here you can see the ladies hard at it kitting up their slippers in a happy group. So fun. Petra is a great teacher. She really rocks. She’s patient and good at explaining how things work. If you want to try out her class she will be teaching slipper class here on an ongoing basis. You can come in and put your name on the list to be notified when the next class will take place, and you can reserve a spot.
 This is Monica’s slipper before felting it in the washer. Look how big it is! It will shrink quite a bit and get much thicker and denser as it does so. These slippers have a double layer of kitted fabric in the sole. So they last forever. they a fully washable too which is nice.
 Here is Monica herself. Kitting. you can see her working on the mate to the slipper above. you can see she put some fluffy art yarn in the cuff to add some character.
Ok that’s what I have got for you today 😀 
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Alrighty then…
until next time
💗Happy Knitting💗