Hi everyone 😊
So today I thought I’d talk about a couple hot products that are flying off the shelf here and everywhere! The first thing I thought Id tell you about is the 100% wool yarn in the pictures above. It’s called Merisoft Punta Yarns and it hails from Uruguay. It is soft gorgeous and a great price point at $16.95 a skein. We have it in all the colors shown above. It’s on the Sacred Malabrigo Tree with all the Malabrigo because it’s that good! So the reason I thought I’d mention it is not just because it is a great addition to your Malabrigo but for two reasons. One is that Malabrigo is in ever shorter supply as last years crop dwindles and the new season has yet to come available. So Merisoft is a great alternative. But also that Merisoft will soon be in short supply also as it has been discontinued so like the Malabrigo it’s a case of get it while you can because it’s flying out the door!
Literally! These two baskets represent all the stock we have left in the Malabrigo Rasta. People are grabbing it up while they can due to a world wide drought. Last years crop is almost gone and this years new crop may not be on shelves for months yet. So if you don’t come in and get it now while it’s still here you could totally miss out. Also each season is very unique. Colorways vary massively from season to season. There’s no guarantee last seasons color ways will totally match to the new seasons products. Ahhh hand dyed yarn!!! Oh how I love your uniqueness! It makes it all so much more precious. Don’t you think?
So this is a shot of the Sacred Malabrigo Tree as it stands now… perhaps I will post pictures as supplies dwindle… Maria bought all that was left of the Polomo Last week to make a sweater for a friend. We literally have a finite number of sweaters left! Just thought I would let you know in case you are going back n forth about weather you need to knit that sweater you always wanted… I personall bought enough of the colorway Milonga to knit a beautiful cardigan for this summer. There are alternative yarns to knit other than the Malabrigo and Merisoft  if hand dye yarn is your thing.
These two hats are knit from the same hand dyed yarn. Yup. The same. It’s one of my hand dyed Opal Sock yarns actually. The one closer to the front is a free pattern off Ravelry called Flower Garden. The hat is knit by Roisin using one strand of my sock yarn and one strand of mohair. She also had enough yarn to make the brighter colored hat you see in the back ground and a pair of fingerless gloves that are not pictured here. So one skein goes a long ways should you decide to try out GBOW hand dyed sock yarn. Thats a picture of the hand dyed sock yarn on the left below. 
On the right below is another thing you might want to try as Malabrigo Rasta dwindles in supply. It is my hand dyed, hand spun art yarn. Something I am currently only selling through GBOW. I get the fleeces from the farmer and wash them, card them, dye them and spin them. I get local Romney fleeces quite regularly from Judy Tyabji who has a beautiful flock of healthy, gorgeous, well cared for happy sheep. The yarn you see below has wool from her sheep in it.
Alrighty then, I think I got the word out to all of you hand dyed yarn lovers out there that might be on the fence about picking up some Malabrigo to strike while the iron is hot! I would not want you to miss out. In the mean time I wish you…
💖Happy Knitting💖