The incredible Knitted Felted Slipper Class with Lynda – There are some cozy toesies in this town with all these felted slippers coming into being.  Everyone followed instructions to the absolute letter (which is a must to get these results).

Sharon’s green Galway Heather and Brown soles and for her second pair,

the top is a blue/pink heather mix, Galway again. interestingly black and grey Galway used around the ankle – haven’t seen this done before, looks great.

Donna’s Purple and Pink -Nova 100% wool used here.  Nice and dense.  This pair will be getting a camel brown sole on them.  We like the shading that happened with these slippers. And Jenny’s gorgeous Purple Galway Heather and Charcoal sole pair.  Already keeping her feet warm with a perfect fit.  Great work Jenny!

Lynda’s Ella Rae pink, blue, grey mix ones with Galway Black sole.  They fit her perfectly too. Roisin think’s the Ella Rae would be good for children’s slippers too, maybe with a pink or blue sole.  How cute would that be?