The Jude Jacket class is nearing the end–today possibly–when finishing touches will be made on many sweaters.  Here are the participants efforts up to last week’s class. Good work, everyone!
Claire’s work-in-progress with the meticulously planned colours working nicely. 

Petra’s Sirdar Family sweater-in-progress for her grandson.  We’re all happy with the colour choices…looks so ‘boy’.  We hope ‘he’ thinks so too.

Fil’s Jude Jacket-in-progress.  Consensus class decision: Fil MUST choose another blouse to wear with this jacket once it’s finished.  It’s a summer dazzler in cotton, acrylic, silk yarn.  Stay tuned for finished product…with a different blouse maybe.

Shirley is using the same yarn as Fil but in a different colour choice.  We’re looking forward to seeing how the purple cotton works on the trim. Lovely open lacey looking jacket.

Maria has accomplished all of this and come up with something we haven’t heard of yet: a grazed elbow while knitting while her husband was driving!  She knit this in Araucania 100% cotton twist. We’ll look forward to the finished gorgeous Jude Jacket – but no more injuries, OK?

And last but definitely not least, Brenda’s Jude Jacket in Noro Bonbori. Love the colours and finish!