Here is Marlaine’s beautifully knitted Malabrigo Silk and Merino wool shawlette.  For those who are interesting in knitting a lacy pattern, this is a simple one to start with. Let us know if you’re interested learning because Marlaine will teach you!

Beautifully knitted also – headless Joann wearing her Malabrigo yarn shawlette – another lacy pattern, not quite so simple as the one above, but once you have mastered following a lace pattern, not impossible at all!

And here is Joann with her head, in the Loopy Lounge this past Thursday afternoon.  Joann laughing at…oops!…with Marlaine. Was that after I asked if Marlaine’s shawlette was for one of her dogs? (Well, it is a small shawl, and Marlaine does love her dogs).