Marlaine won our ‘prettiest hands’ contest, modeling her gloves (it was an impromptu event, inspired by the several pairs of fingerless gloves Marlaine has made recently).  These are featherweight, very comfortable and totally exotic!   Drops Kid Silk and Merino Lace, by Austermann is the combination she used for these.  

Marlaine told me that she sold a black pair of these gloves before she had even finished the second one. Prediction: totally a hot, hot trend for winter. We can imagine them made in off-white and embellished with beads for a winter bride, or in something slightly sparkly for a New Year’s party….

Here is the same glove same pattern in Noro Sock Yarn…a little less ethereal but a very smart addition to cold weather wear. Picture them with a black or blue coat.

This is the pattern for Marlaine’s Fingerless Gloves class on Friday Oct 19th from 1-3 pm, Fri Oct 26th, and Fri Nov 2nd, 1-3 pm. Do not delay in registering! Be in the vanguard of this trend!