Hey Everyone! OMG Christmas is coming! Are you ready? Have you made everything you want to make yet? You have got almost a month left to knit your fingers off! Hats, mitten’s, sock’s, sweaters! All just flying off the needles at this time of year. We have been having all kinds of people coming in looking for just the right yarn for that special someone’s Christmas gift, knitted with l💖ve!

In the spirit of Christmas and the “slight” feeling of desperation that just maaaay be creeping in to your Christmas knitting if your still multiple projects away from done at the one month count down 😀

I thought I’d offer up some tasty items for your consideration at this late date…

Ok so we are starting off with the Galway. Galway is 100% pure wool. GBOW does tend to specialize in natural fibers and the Galway is a perfect example of that. With a commitment to happy sheep and a low carbon footprint it is the natural fiber for all those people on your Christmas list that are Eco-concious. Not only is it safe to buy it is deluxe quality at a very reasonable price point. Just $11.95 a ball. The Highland Heather’s are just “to die for” they are really so gorgeous. Heathered means that they a subtly more than one color all blended together. Where as the Worsted Galway is just solid color.

The next thing I’ve got a snap shot of for you is the Nor Kurion. Noro is a deluxe luxury yarn out of Japan and it is famous for is mind blowing variegated color ways! Variegated means the color changes as you go with either a stripping or pooling effect. This Kurion that I have pictured here for you is NEON bright and 100% pure wool. Super luxury. We have a variety of different Noro yarns. The most popular is probably the Silk Garden Sock Yarn. With a little bit of silk and a little bit of nylon it is soft. Feeling almost cotton like. Durable, because of the little bit of nylon put in there for making socks out of it. And versatile as crazy. People offten make shawls out of the Silk Garden and cowls and… well… your imagination is the limit.

Now for those of you who are not strictly speaking devoted to all natural fibers or are Vegan  we do have Acrylic yarns to appeal to you too. I’m going to start with the wool/acrylic blends and work my way through to 100% acrylic so for those die hard acrylic fans I do have a snap shot of something just for you…

I’m gonna start with the Top Rainbow from Katia. People have just been going nuts for this stuff. It’s a 50/50 blend of either wool and acrylic or cotton and acrylic and it is wound into a ball in such a way that when you knit with it… it just automatically creates a Ombre shawl AND it comes with a free pattern to show you exactly how to do this. This would make an ideal gift for those people out there who know nothing about knitting but want to buy a really cool knitting gift for the knitter in thier life because it is really a self contained kit that tells your knitting friend everything they need to know! It’s also a great gift to yourself… you knitters know what I am talking about 😉

And for Vegans and wool lovers alike who doesn’t love a flaming bright festively poofy acrylic POMPOM!!!! yes faux fur pom pom’s are making a comeback and you too can sport one on your next hat or put one on that Christmas hat for your special someone. I have it on good authority that dudes love these things… 😋

On a more serious note… the verticle center row in this photo is of a secret gem here at GBOW. this is the Diamond Tradition. It is nothing short of fabulous really for it’s price point and what it is and what you can do with it. It is 47% wool 51% acrylic and 7% nylon. It is soft as a dream. It comes in fantastic colors both solid and heathered and it is FULLY machine washable!!! And… yes there’s more! It’s worsted weight! So for all those sweaters for children you want to knit but don’t want to spend a pile of money on wool that will get washed once and end up doll sized. This yarn’s price point is a reasonable $11.95 a skein. That is really amazing.

And here at long last is my offering to all those die hard 100% acrylic knitters. I’ve already blogged about the Marble Chunky JCBrett which has a band of devoted followers. So today I thought I’d write about this stuff in this snap shot. It’s soooo pretty isn’t it?? I mean just look at those bright candy color’s. So this one is kind of angled at all of you who love to knit for the little tiny’s in your life. For which GBOW does have a selection of “baby” yarns. But these are a little more versatile. I think they would be great for knitting amigurimi… It’s a Diamond yarn called “little darling Twinkle” is that cute or what? it is DK wieght and it is ant pilling. It’s soft as baby yarns always are and it is $8.95 a ball. Super duper.
 Another product we have that might interest Vegans that I do not have a snap shot of today is the Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo. It is a DK wieght yarn that is 80% bamboo and 20% wool. It’s not 100% vegan but it’s c;lose!

Alrighty then! Now on to the last of my Christmas list and my absolute favorite! SOCK KNITTING! Yay! This is for all you Christmas sock knitters out there! Knitting hand made socks for friends and family. Know that you are loved and appreciated and when you are no longer knitting socks for those special people on your Christmas list that you expend all that time and energy on… you WILL be missed. Absolutely. I cannot tell you how many people come in to the shop at Christmas wanting to buy hand knit socks because some knitter in thier life got them hooked on them. Well guess what… it is really hard to find someone who hand knits socks and convince them to do it for money!!! 😆 People just won’t do it. And all those people seeking to buy hand knit socks go empty handed… so just know. You are a very special knitter, sock knitter!

That said here is some irresistible eye candy for the sock knitters out there! And for those of you who have a hand made sock knitter in your life. Know that you are blessed! That these pictures of sock yarn are for you. Because trust me. Even though they don’t expect you to understand their obsession with knitting socks. You WILL be the hero if you put a couple balls of sock yarn in their stocking, no pun intended, or under the tree. You might even get a pair of socks for your generosity! But of course that’s not why you would do it. Of course not. Not at all.

This is allllll sock yarn. Yup. We have more too. Even fancier stuff. This is just a taste… just to wet your whistle.

Okay so that’s the Christmas shopping post! I hope I added sparks of inspiration to your shopping frenzy! Of course what I mean is I hope I gave you all kinds of ideas for contentions thoughtful and well meaning gifts 😉😜
Merry Christmas
Happy Shopping
and as ever
💖Happy Knitting💖