Alane’s friend Midge lives in Kamloops but she gets a spot here because she recently knit a scarf/shawl with yummy Malabrigo silky Merino yarn from GBOW Alane sent her, along with a pattern from Ravelry. 
The pattern was, basically, very easy, but is a dropped stitch one which requires a leap or two of faith. Also, Midge reported that the Malabrigo was “grabby”…it had to be coaxed to run.

So, here is the knitted scarf.

And here is what you do at the end.

Yes, you drop stitches and pull them aaaaalll the way to the beginning. Oh, that is a hard thing to do! 
And it ends up looking like this. 

That is Midge on the left wearing her lovely dropped stitch shawl, with her sister Jen, at the Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon. Colour coordinated and styling, ladies!