Today is the Moebius Class! Everybody is hanging out and having fun 😊 kitting up a storm. Below we have pictures of three peoples Moebius projects. First is Roisin’s Moebius which is coming along beautifully. She is the instructor of this class. She knits along with everyone else so they can see the project being made as well as have the hands on experience of making their own.
 Roisin Sheehy-Culhane
This is Maureen Simmonds Moebius. Its really beginning to take shape now isn’t it? Love the color! Love that Malabrigo. Such gorgeous yarn. I really cannot get enough of it. The dye techniques used in making Malabrigo really are exceptional. I find them hugely inspiring in my own dyeing work that I do for the shop.
And here is Valerie MacBean’s gorgeaous work! She was saying how much she is enjoying knitting this project. supper colors in this one too. She’s really motoring along! At this rate she will be done in no time 😀 I think i may have to try making a Moebius! One of these days maybe. But not right away… I have enough projects on the go. 
4 pair of socks. 1 pair of slippers. 1 linen stitch skirt. 1 Jude Skeers circular shawl and supplies in my stash to knit… 1 Chantal shawl. 1 pair of fan stitch gloves and last but not least 3 more pairs of socks. Heh heh heh… My knitting addiction…
speaking of Malabrigo…
This is Joan Meilleur’s absolutely stunning Traditional Irish Cabled Sweater made from glorious Malabrigo Rios Superwash yarn. Rich and buttery soft! Soft as a cloud! So gorgeous! Its made from a pattern she has had in her stash for about 40 years! She made it for her cousin. Apparently she knits all sorts of goodies for her cousin’s children and her cousin said “I wouldn’t mind a sweater” so she is getting this delicious heritage piece!  I bet she will be totally blown away don’t you think?
This is a work of art and something that so inspires me to keep knitting. One day I hope to be able to knit cables like this.
Alrighty then people! Thats your bit of knitty goodness for today! Hope you enjoyed peeking into whats happening here at GBOW 😍
Have an awesome day!