Hello everyone!πŸ˜€ Look at this! We have started packing! How exciting is that??? We are using black plastic bags for the wool as you can see by this picture of Mora here stacking them by the door. Roisin decided that would be easy, inexpensive, light and easy on the back for transport. I think it’s brilliant actually.
 But we do have boxes too as you can see here. All stuffed with stuff and ready to go!
I’m super excited to get into the new space. It’s going to be fantastic. We are going to change things up a bit. There will still be the yarn shop! Never fear! But there will also be a 
Gallery and Boutique πŸ˜€ I’m so excited I can hardly wait. This is going to be so much fun.
But before we can open lot’s of work has to be done and we are not physically moving in until
πŸ’– April 1stπŸ’– 
Today the Telus guy is here trying to hook up Optic for us. Getting Optic has been a gong show. It seems one hand of Telus does not know what the other hand is doing. The call centers don’t know what they technicians are doing. Our work orders are not on record anywhere. They keep sending out one man to do what is a multiple person job. They just told him today that the situation may not even have a solution??? Can you believe that? It’s not that the job is to hard. It’s that they simply cannot get it together to send technicians to do it. So that’s been a bit of a game of phone tag the last few weeks. But there is one guy here today who is going to attempt to do it all by himself. He’s our Champion!
 Here’s a sneak peak in the store room at the boxes being packed and put in order for moving. We are going to have so-much-space! In the new shop we won’t be having to have a backstock. All of our inventory will be on display. This will be better for us, and better for you. You will be able to see without asking if we have enough of what you want on hand to make your project. Also the Loopy Lounge will be much bigger and not separate from the store πŸ˜€ There will be lots of natural light for looking at colors when choosing yarn for your projects too.
Now that we will have a store front that is right on the street we will be open late on Thursday evenings for people to come in to sit in the Loopy lounge and knit this summer. We plan to have it Cheerfully lit until 8:30 PM every Thursday evening all summer for your knitting pleasure. And with all this extra space we will be opening a Gallery and hanging beautiful art as well as opening a Boutique of hand knit clothing too. It’s going to be a beautiful, vibrant, cheerful, welcoming space. Just as Great Balls of Wool has always been πŸ’—
With all this exciting moving news it’s time to talk some knitting! Here is Roisin’s latest Purl Piccadilly  scarf nearly done now… Look at those colors. It’s really beautiful. I love this one. Very Easter, Spring. It’s definitely right on season. Makes me think of Cadbury Chocolate Easter Eggs.
And here is a weekly update on my Willingdon Beach Sweater Kit that I have been working away on. And OMG I am Loving knitting this. If you like a simple strait forward knit in the round  project that is easy to count I highly recommend this. So far I have found it so easy. I find I make few mistakes and when I do, because it’s knit of such good quality smooth yarn that doesn’t split in such strait forward knit in the round stitches, with almost no purl even,  I have been able to fix all of my mistakes and do everything myself and only ask questions. I have not had to hand this project over to Roisin once so far and say “Help!” And I like doing the increase rounds, they are easy too. So big thumbs up so far! As you can see in the picture I just finished the Malbrigio part of the yoke and am starting with the Galway part of the sweater now. I am on my third row of Galway which is also the next increase row.* Knit 6 stitches Knit front and back* repeat from star till end of row is, I think, my next part of my pattern. πŸ’—
Ok so that’s what I’ve got for you for today 😍
Hope you enjoyed our post πŸ˜‰
Keep coming in while we get through our move!
Loopy lounge is still open!
We are still open right up until the LAST MOMENT!!!
I will keep you posted as to our progress in the days to come.
So do not hesitate to come in πŸ˜„
Hope to see you soon!
Until then…
πŸ’–Happy KnittingπŸ’–